The Arrival of Spring

Spring has sprung here in Northern Missouri and it is gorgeous. There is new life being born from leaves on the trees and flowers from the earth, to baby calves and birds laying eggs. New life is in the air.

Spring has always been a good time of year for me. In spring the brown drab of winter begins to come alive and nights at the fire pit and burgers on the grill and time outside once again comes to fruition. Not only does it bring life to the natural world, but in our own lives, spring brings with it a desire for life.

If you are into gardening, you know what I mean. Something inside of you calls out to your soul and draws you to plant and prepare for the harvest coming in the summer. That longing though happens in all of our souls, the longing for new life.

When you open your bible and begin to read about Jesus and his coming and death and resurrection, we find life. Not just that Jesus lives and comes back to life, but that in his death, in the dead of winter, new life springs forth in us.

From the very beginning of creation God has breathed life into us. The account of creation says, “Then the Lord God formed the man from the dust of the ground. He breathed the breath of life into the man’s nostrils, and the man became a living person.” Genesis 2:7 NLT

We are told in the beginning of John that through Jesus and by Jesus all things came into existence. Jesus breathed life into all creation and yet through the rebellion, through sin, we died to him. 

Sin brings with it a decaying death. It would be Jesus who once again would breathe life back into the souls of those who choose life in Him.

Jesus, on a much grander way than spring, takes what is dead and breathes new life into it and makes us beautiful once more in Him. What was once ugly and seemed as though had no hope at life, begins to see hope once more and life is all the more perfect.

Men, spring has arrived. Jesus has come, he has sacrificed, and now offers you life in him. Not a new life or a different life, but life itself.

As you shepherd your families and those under your charge choose to be alive. If you are living like a dead man, like a vine with no fruit, your family will struggle and suffer. You must be alive in Jesus Christ before you can take life to someone else.

In the spring the role of a shepherd doubles or triples sometimes. A flock of 100 quickly turns into 300 during lambing season. No longer can they depend on their abilities alone, its just too much, so they call in reinforcements, people who know what they are doing to help for a short time, people to come alongside of them and care for the flock.

You may need to call in reinforcements this spring. Seek to better your walk with Christ during this season, trust him with the increases, and lean on your brothers to help you make it through.

Spring is beautiful. Choose life in Jesus Christ.

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