In Pursuit of Dad Pastors

Being a dad and a pastor are not that different. Both are called to care for people in which they love. Both are asked by God to lead and protect, to provide spiritual direction and life wisdom from the Work of God. The pastor loves unconditionally those in his charge and a dad is to do the same thing.

For quite sometime I have prayed and sought to find a way to connect to dads, to encourage them in their pursuit to lead and protect their family, but as a pastor I am also drawn to the calling to lead my family and those in my charge in healthy spirituality. My intention as a writer and speaker is to help bring the two together, to find a way to help dads pastor well.

Dads, you are called to shepherd your family, to draw them closer to Jesus. That can be a difficult task as our lives fill up with stuff and we come home exhausted, and as I tell my wife sometimes, “out of words for the day”. Yet it is in these moments that the shepherd steps in and cares ten fold for those in his charge. It is in these moments that it really matters most.

I want to shoot straight with you for a minute. This is not easy for me. I am over weight, tired, overworked at some times, and just plain exhausted, but when I step in that door I am dad. My life as a pastor does not stop at my front door, the most important flock is just the other side of that door.

That is why I have created this blog, to lead men in the pursuit of serving your family and your church. The road ahead is a long one for us men, and while it can sometimes feel overwhelming through the power of the Holy Spirit we are able to push forward to the end prize.

Men, I am here for you. Let us continue to challenge each other to lead well and when others are unable to lead, to step into their place and lead forward.

Men, shepherd your flock well.

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